Paul Scanlon

Values are the why behind the what, where, and when of anything we do. The why is King over and above the what and where, because if our why is not clear then all that follows lacks purpose and passion. At the core of my philosophy on training and development is the empowerment of the individual.

It’s to teach you to fish not to give you a fish, for years many especially in the church world we have handed out fish to people who have become dependent on their leadership providers for their weekly fish supply.  There’s no development, no progress in knowing how to receive a handout, but there’s limitless possibilities in you been able to create your own continued success and prosperity.  Good leadership lets go of its need to be needed by people and empowers them to move beyond themselves into their own self feeding and self producing empowered life!   Jesus said I have come to give you life not borrow my life but to give your own, he took fishermen and trained them how to fish for men and 2000 years and multiplied millions of changed lives later, they are still doing it!  I don’t want to die with the secret recipe , I want to pass on what I know to the emerging generation, to that end I plan to live full but die empty!